This API provides you with a breadcrumb trail of your vehicle’s movement for any day. This trail is as precise as the tracking interval defined. For example, if your tracking interval was set at 1 minute, this API will provide you with 1440 result set for a particular day for a specific vehicle.


Sample Request's car&from=12-15-2015 00:00:00&to=12-15-2015 23:59:59

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message (Success/Failure)
messageCodeFor Azuga internal use
reasonThe reason for failure
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
currentPageThe current page
totalPagesThe total number of pages in the result
breadcrumbsAn array of breadcrumb objects
vehicleIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle
vinVehicle Identification Number(VIN) of the vehicle
groupIdUnique identifier of the group associated with the vehicle
groupNameName of the group associated with the vehicle
phoneNumberPhone number of the driver
dateTimestamp in UTC when the event occured
eventName of the event
speedAverage speed of the vehicle
latitudeLatitude coordinate of the location
longitudeLongitude coordinate of the location
reserved1Reserved variable for future use
reserved2Reserved variable for future use
reserved3Reserved variable for future use
reserved4Reserved variable for future use
locationStoreIdUnique identifier representing the location object
timestampTime in UTC milliseconds
cogFor Azuga internal use
userTimezoneThe user's timezone
deviceTimezoneThe device's/vehicle's timezone
dateTimeThe event time in device/vehicle's timezone
vehicleNameName of the vehicle
locationAddress of the location
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