This API allows you to update information of an existing vehicle. Only one vehicle can be updated in a single API call. Vehicle attributes that needs to be revised only need to be included in the request.


Request Parameters

Only those vehicle attributes that need to be revised should be included in the request.


Sample Request

   "vehicleName": "Adam's Truck",
   "groupName": "VMI",
   "deviceSerialNum": "8182452911",
   "make": "Ford",
   "model": "F-150",
   "year": 2017,
   "userId": "c445bad8-954b-11e8-b2e6-47bcb27b1235",
   "costPerMile": 0.54,
   "fuelTankCapacity": 45,
   "ownership": "Company",
   "licensePlate": "FST 846",
   "initialEngineRuntime": 7200,
   "odometerReading": 600,
   "assetno": "Auto 111",
   "vehicleTypeId": 3,
   "fuelTypeId": 5,
   "tag": ["Dump Truck","Farm Tractor"]

API Response Explanation

codeAPI status code
messageAPI Message (Success/Failure)
reasonReason for failure
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
currentPageCurrent page of the paginated result
totalPagesTotal number of pages in the paginated result
resultUnique identifier representing the vehicle
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