This API provides you with information of all the devices present in your account. You can also get details of a particular device by passing its serial number as a parameter.


Sample Request

API Response Explanation

codeAPI status code
messageAPI Message (Success/Failure)
messageCodeReason for failure
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
offsetTime offset in minutes
deviceIdUnique identifier of the device
deviceSerialNumberSerial number of the device. Note that a device can be Datalogger/Asset Tracker/Safetycam etc which are currently active in your account
imeiIMEI number of the device
simNumberSerial number of the SIM present in the device
simPhoneNumberPhone number of the SIM present in the device
carrierNetwork provider
productCodeProduct code of the device
descriptionDescription of the device
customerIdUnique identifier of the customer
firmwareVersionVersion of the firmware installed in the device
configVersionConfiguration version of the device
activationDateTimestamp in milliseconds when the device was activated
lastContactDateTimestamp in milliseconds when the device last communicated with the server
vehicleProtocolVersionIndicates if the vehicle uses OBD or JBUS protocol for communication
vehicleNameName of the vehicle
vehicleIdUnique identifier of the vehicle
vehicleProtocolNameName of the communication protocol used by the vehicle
deviceTypeIdFor Azuga internal use
deviceVendorIdFor Azuga internal use
deviceTypeType of the device
deviceVendorName of the vendor
cameraTypeComma-separated strings representing the type of camera - Road/Driver facing.
inwardSerialNumInward facing camera serial number
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