Use this API to get account information of users. Users are drivers in your organization who use the application to evaluate their performance, obtain vehicle information, participate in reward program etc.


Sample Request

API Response Explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message
messageCodeAPI sub-error code
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
currentPageCurrent page of the paginated result
totalPagesTotal number of pages in the paginated result
usersAn array of user objects
userIdUnique identifier representing the driver
firstNameFirst name of the driver
lastNameLast name of the driver
userNameUsername of the account
userTypeIdUnique identifier representing a user type (admin/drivers)
userTypeType of user
fullNameFull name of the driver
notInGroupBoolean to indicate if the driver belongs to a group
deletedBoolean to indicate if the driver is deleted or not from the application
trackeeIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle that the driver is paired with
trackeeNameName of the vehicle that the driver is paired with
employeeIdEmployee ID of the driver
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