This API returns you with a detailed snapshot of the vehicles present in your account. Details such as odometer readings, last contact time etc are useful in determining real-time activities across your fleet.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message (Success/Failure)
messageCodeAPI sub-error code
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
reasonThe reason for failure
currentPageThe current page
totalPagesThe total number of pages in the result
vehiclesAn array of vehicle objects
vehicleIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle
vehicleNameName of the vehicle
vehicleTypeType of vehicle
groupNameName of the group associated with the vehicle
makeMake of the vehicle
modelModel of the vehicle
yearYear in which the vehicle was manufactured
vinVehice Identification Number
licensePlateLicense plate number of the vehicle
odometerOdometer reading of the vehicle in Kms
phoneNumberPhone number of the driver
costPerMileOperating cost per mile of the vehicle
serialNumberSerial number of the device associated with the vehicle
assetNumberAsset number of the vehicle
lastContactDateTimestamp (user time zone) when the device and vehicle were last paired
lastConatctDateGMTTimestamp (UTC) when the device and vehicle were last paired
ownerShipOwnership type of the vehicle
fuelTypeIdUnique identifier representing the fuel

1 - Gasoline
2 - Diesel
driverIdUnique identifier representing the driver
engineHoursEngine run time in seconds
imeiIMEI number of the SIM
deviceIdUnique identifier representing the device
trackeeTypeIdUnique identifier representing the type of the vehicle. The following values are valid:

1 - Vehicle
2 - Asset
deviceTypeIdUnique identifier representing the type of the device

1 = Datalogger
6 = Asset Tracker
11 = SafetyCam
fuelTypeNameName of the fuel type
odo_supportBoolean representing whether the vehicle supports odo data
lastConatctDateGMTLast contact date in UTC milliseconds.
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