Alert Types

This API provides you with information about all types of alerts that are configurable in your account.


Sample Request

API Response Glossary

FieldDescriptionData Type
alertTypeIdUnique identifier representing the alert typeint
nameName of the alert typeString
descriptionBrief description of the alert typeString
tableNameFor Azuga internal useString
batchMessageTemplateKeyFor Azuga internal useString
messageTemplateKeyFor Azuga internal useString
createdAtCreated time of alert type in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
deletedAtDeleted time of alert typeTimestamp
deletedBoolean value representing the alertType deletion(True=Deleted, False= Not Deleted)boolean
eventTypeIdUnique identifier representing the event typeInteger
propertyKeyFor Azuga internal useString
alertSubjectKeyFor Azuga internal useString
dataSourceFor Azuga internal useString
messageTemplateFor Azuga internal useString
packageIdFor Azuga internal useint
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