This API provides you with information about all active geofences present in your account.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
reasonThe reason for failure
currentPageThe current page
totalPagesThe total number of pages in the result
fenceIdUnique identifier representing the geofence
nameName of the geofence
createdAtGeofence creation timestamp in UTC
fenceTypeType of geofence, circular or polygonal
radiusRadius of the geofence, if it is circular
radiusUnitUnit of radius of the geofence, if it is circular
geometryIf the fence type is polygonal, this field returns the latitude and longitude coordinates of the end points of the polygon.

For a circular geofence, this field is null
addressAddress of the geofence
latitudeLatitude coordinate of the geofence
longitudeLongitude coordinate of the geofence
alertTypeType of alert based on the event (vehicle entry and/or exit)
emailList of email addresses to which the alert email will be sent
colorColor of the geofence
ccAddressEmail address(es) to which the alert mail is sent apart from the primary email address
groupNamesNames of the groups associated with the geofence
modeFrequency of the alert email.
0 - Indicates that the email is sent instantly
60 - Indicates that the email is sent once an hour
reserved1Reserved variable for future use
reserved2Reserved variable for future use
reserved3Reserved variable for future use
reserved4Reserved variable for future use
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