Create a Geofence

Use this API to create a geofence. Geofence is a virtual boundary around a geographical area. A geofence can have radius configured up to 10 Miles. Azuga will notify you when your vehicle enters or exits a geofence. This helps you to determine how long your vehicle was in a particular area.


Sample Request

    "name": "test-geofence",
    "latitude": 39.3642834,
    "longitude": -74.4229266,
    "address": "Atlantic City, NJ, USA",
    "color": "#15eb15",
    "landmarkCategory": {
        "name": "AAA customer",
        "categoryId": "ad06e894-5c88-11ea-9163-8bcd2b9b59cc"
    "iconName": "Default",
    "groupIds": [
    "alertType": "IN",
    "notEntered": 0,
    "notExited": 0,
    "fenceType": "Circular",
    "geoMarkType": 1,
    "radiusUnit": "meters",
    "geofenceRadius": 90,
    "activationDate": "",
    "inActivationDate": "",
    "workHours": "trackAllTime",
    "webNotificationEnabled": false,
    "mobileNotificationEnabled": false,
    "soundNotification": false,
    "alertNotification": false,
    "userIds": [],
    "ccAddress": "",
    "mode": 1,
    "roleIds": null,
    "customAlertHours": 1,
    "emailAdminGeo": false,
    "emailDriverGeo": false,
    "email": ["[email protected]","[email protected]"]

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisAPI generation timestamp in UTC millisecondsLong
dataAPI Message (Success/Failure)String
errorError description - if anyList
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