View Vehicle Summary

This API allows you to view the summary of a vehicle data. You are allowed to filter the result for a vehicle using 'vehicleIds' query parameter and time period using 'fromDate' and 'toDate'. The endpoint fetches the result of all vehicles in the account when 'vehicleIds' parameter is not passed. Either 'latestData' OR 'fromDate' and 'toDate' are mandatory fields.


Sample Request 00:00:00 AM&toDate=2023-08-10 00:00:00 PM&vehicleIds=f165905c-d228-11e8-s417-fde07081wqr15

API Response glossary

FieldDescriptionData Type
vehicleIdUnique identifier assigned to the associated vehicle.String
vehicleNameName of the vehicleString
odometerReadingInitial odometer reading of the vehicleNumber
currentOdometerReadingLatest odometer reading of the vehicleNumber
engineRunTimeEngine run time in seconds from the Initial Engine hours set for vehicleNumber
totalEngineRunTimeTotal engine run time in hours directly from device since inceptionNumber
vehicleSupportedOdoValueOdometer reading directly from Vehicle's ECU in KMsNumber
assetEngineRunTimeAsset engine run time in secondsNumber
milesDrivenValueDistance travelled by the vehicle in KMsNumber
idlingValueNumber of idling events generated by the vehicleNumber
hardBrakingValueNumber of hard braking events generated by the vehicleNumber
speedingValueNumber of speeding events generated by the vehicleNumber
hardAccelerationValueNumber of hard acceleration events generated by the vehicleNumber
driveTimeValueTotal driving time in secondsNumber
costPerMileCost per mile valueNumber
fuelConsumedFuel consumed valueNumber
seatBeltPercentagePercentage of seatbelt worn by the driverNumber
corneringValueNumber of Cornering events generated by the vehicleNumber
consumedAirFor internal useNumber
fuelTypeIdUnique identifier representing the fuel type.

1 - Gasoline
2 - Diesel
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