View Single Group

This API provides you with information about a single group present in your account.

Warning : Make sure that you are setting the method to GET. The same endpoint is used for deleting a group using DELETE method. The deletion of the group is an irreversible action.


Sample Request

API Response Explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisTime in UTC milliseconds when the API request is madeLong
dataThe object consists of metadata of the group.Object
groupIdUnique identifier representing the groupString
customerIdUnique identifier representing the customerLong
parentIdUnique identifier representing the parent groupString
parentNameName of the parent groupString
nameName of the groupString
descriptionBrief description of the groupString
configIdUnique identifier of the configurationString
parentGroupObject represents the metedata of the parent groupGroupLiteVO
groupIdunique identifier of the parent groupString
nameName of the parent groupString
configNameName of the configurationString
createdByUnique identifier of the user created the groupString
createdAtCreated time of the group in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
lastModifiedByUnique identifier of the user updated the group lastString
lastModifiedAtModified time of the group in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
deletedBoolean value representing whether the group is deleted.
True = Deleted
False = Not Deleted
deletedAtDeleted time in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
colorText color of the map icon.
#ffffff by default
bgColorBackground color of the map icon
#000000 by default
adminUsersFor internal useString
userListArray of blocks represents the meta-data of the administratorsList
idUnique identifier representing the administratorsString
firstNameFirst name of the administratorString
lastNameLast name of the administratorString
childGroupIdsUnique identifiers representing the child groupsString
configurationObject representing the meta-data of the configurationConfigurationVO
idUnique identifier representing the configurationString
nameName of the configurationString
descriptionDescription of the configurationString
trackingScheduleFor internal useboolean
groupListFor internal useList
groupListStringFor internal useString
hrsOfOperationFor internal useList
deviceConfigurationsFor internal useSet
ssodefaultFor internal useboolean
errorError description - if anyList
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