Live Streaming

This API helps you to request for live streaming from the camera. This feature is available only for Azuga AI cameras with vendorId=15.


Sample Request


Did you know?

To incorporate the application into a webpage, an iframe can be used. To know more, please refer to Live Streaming - Overview documentation

API Response Explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisTime in UTC milliseconds when the API request is madeLong
dataThe object consists of metadata of the live stream request.Object
requestIdUnique identifier representing the live stream request.String
cameraTypeType of camera
1 = Front facing
2 = Driver Facing
51,52,53,54 = Auxiliary cameras
Array of integers
serialNumberSerial Number of the Azuga AI cameraString
tokenToken generated for accessing the live stream video from the vendorString
streamedDurationStreamed duration in seconds(monthly). If the time exceeds 600s in a month, you may charged at $1/MinInt
deviceStatusCurrent active status of the camera. Refer to Wakeup API endpoint to manually turn on the Azuga AI camera.String
errorError description - if any String
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