Breadcrumb Report

This API allows the user to view the breadcrumb report.

    "startDate": "2022-10-19T05:00:00.000Z",
    "endDate": "2022-10-20T04:59:00.000Z",
    "index": 0,
    "size": 100,
    "browserTimezone": "Canada/Central",
    "desc": false,
    "sortField": "locationTimeInDTZ",
    "filter": {
        "orFilter": {
            "vehicleId": [

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
resultArray of elements related to the location and vehicleString
locationStoreIdUnique identifier representing the location dataString
deviceSerialSerial number of the device associated with the vehicleString
deviceIdUnique identifier representing the deviceString
vehicleIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle/trackeeString
vehicleNameName of the vehicleString
groupIdUnique identifier representing the groupString
groupNameName of the groupString
customerIdUnique identifier representing the customerLong
locationTimeTime of the event in local timezoneString
tripNumberCount of trips taken by the vehicleint
addressAddress of the locationString
localityLocality of the locationString
cityCity of the locationString
stateState of the locationString
zipCodeZipcode of the locationString
odometerOdometer valueString
batteryPercentageFor Azuga internal useString
fixQualityThis indicates the quality of the lat/lon captured. Fix quality = 0,1 indicates good quality and 2 indicates poor qualityInt
processedFor Azuga internal useboolean
connectedFor Azuga internal useboolean
offsetChangedFor Azuga internal useboolean
offsetFor Azuga internal useint
insideHOOFor Azuga internal useboolean
protocolVersionIdFor Azuga internal useint
vehicleProtocolIdFor Azuga internal useint
duplicateFor Azuga internal useboolean
scheduledFor Azuga internal useboolean
userNameName of the driverString
imei_meidIMEI number of the SIMString
userIdUnique identifier representing the driverString
deviceTypeIdUnique identifier representing the device type.

1 = Datalogger
6 = Asset Tracker
assetNoFor Azuga internal useDouble
vProtocolIdChangeFor Azuga internal useboolean
latitudeLatitude of the locationDouble
longitudeLongitude of the locationDouble
stateIdFor Azuga internal useint
obdSpeedSpeed of the vehicle in KmsInteger
sogFor Azuga internal useint
cogFor Azuga internal useShort
svFor Azuga internal useInteger
hdopFor Azuga internal useInteger
obdMaxSpeedMaximum speed attained by the vehicle during the tripInteger
tripDistanceFor Azuga internal useDouble
createdAtEvent created time in GMT(event received in Azuga server)Date
updatedAtEvent updated time in GMT(event updated in Azuga server)Date
obdAverageSpeedFor Azuga internal useInteger
eventNameName of the eventString
trackeeTypeIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle type
1 = Vehicle
3 = Asset
tripIdlingTimeIdling time in seconds during the tripInteger
eventTypeName of the event typeString
tripStateIdUnique identifier representing the trip state

0 = Stopped
1 = Moving
2 = Idling
3 = Over Speeding
prevFuelLevelFor Azuga internal useint
newFuelLevelFor Azuga internal useint
speedLimitFor Azuga internal useString
locationTimeInDTZLocation time in device timezoneDate
timeZoneTimezone of the device/vehicleString
locationStagingIdFor Azuga internal useString
ignoredFor Azuga internal useboolean
speedCombineFor Azuga internal useString
parentGroupIdUnique identifier representing the parent groupString
parentGroupNameName of the parent groupString
initialOdometerSetInitial odometer value set for the vehiclebyte
seatBeltSupportBoolean value representing the seatbelt support.
True = Support seatbelt
False = Doesn't support seatbelt
odoSupportBoolean value representing the odo support.
True = Support odometer
False = Doesn't support odometer
ioxSupportDeviceFor Azuga internal useboolean
locationLocation coordinatesObject
triggerValueFor Azuga internal useInteger
videoLinksFor Azuga internal useString
potCrashFor Azuga internal useboolean
bumpCrashFor Azuga internal useboolean
pushPopCrashFor Azuga internal useboolean
standStillCrashFor Azuga internal useboolean
spikeOnlyCrashFor Azuga internal useboolean
mileageFor Azuga internal useint
crashFor Azuga internal useboolean
virtualTripEndFor Azuga internal useboolean
lowTirePressureEventFor Azuga internal useboolean
pagesInformation related to results page and pagination.
1. First: Boolean Value denoting whether the first page has successfully added the results
2. totalElements: Total number of Vehicle ID elements.
3. elementsFetched: Number of search results fetched that match the filters
pageNumber: Number of pages required to display the entire result set.
preferencesPreferences set by the user to generate the breadcrumbs report.
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