View All Sensors

This API provides you with information about all the Sensors present in your account. You are allowed to view only the sensors you have access to.


Sample Request

API Response Explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisTime in UTC milliseconds when the API request is madeLong
dataThe object consists of metadata of the Safetycam.Object
trackeeIdUnique Identifier representing the vehicleString
trackeeNameName of the vehicleString
deviceIdUnique Identifier representing the deviceString
userIdUnique Identifier representing the userString
firstNameFirst name of the userString
lastNameLast name of the userString
groupIdUnique Identifier representing the groupString
groupNameName of the groupString
assetNoFor internal useString
timeZoneFor internal useString
displayTimeZoneFor internal useString
offsetFor internal uselong
latFor internal usedouble
lngFor internal usedouble
locationStoreIdFor internal useString
addressFor internal useString
deviceTypeIdFor internal useInteger
trackeeTypeIdFor internal useShort
serialNumSerial number of the device attached to the sensorString
assetSensorIdUnique Identifier representing the sensorString
vendorNameFor internal useString
sensorSerialNumSensor serial numberString
sensorNameName of the sensorString
sensorTypeIdUnique Identifier representing the sensor type
1 - Temperature sensor
sensorTypeNameName of the sensor typeString
customerIdUnique Identifier representing the customerLong
sensorIdUnique identifier representing the sensorInteger
minimumAlertValueFor internal useDouble
maximumAlertValueFor internal useDouble
assetNameAsset Id/name associated with the deviceString
tagsFor internal useString
createdByFor internal useString
lastContactedDateFor internal useTimestamp
activationDateFor internal useTimestamp
eventCodeFor internal useShort
productCodeFor internal useString
updatedByFor internal useString
createdAtFor internal useTimestamp
updatedAtFor internal useTimestamp
deletedThe boolean value represents the sensor deletion.

true = deleted
false = Not deleted
deletedAtSensor deleted timestamp in millisecondsTimestamp
errorError description - if anyList
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