Getting Started

This page will help you get started with our API!

Welcome to the Fleet v3 API documentation!

The v3 APIs are an evolution from the v1 and v2 versions that allow for a wide range of access to data and building seamless workflows for integrations. Using the v3 APIs, it is now possible to perform CRUD operations (including batch updates) with all entities in Azuga and also extract telematics data (vehicle location, vehicle health, driver behavior) in a way that its easier to ingest and process. This version of the APIs also supports webhook capabilities to subscribe to real-time events.

At a high level, the capabilities available as part of the v3 API are mentioned below:

  • CRUD operations on vehicles, users, groups, roles, device configurations, geofences, landmarks, alerts, and maintenance schedules
  • Reporting information on live locations, breadcrumbs, trips (raw / summary), stops, events, state mileage, and dashcam videos
  • Supports single and multiple updates in the same request
  • Ability to sort, filter, limit, and search while making a request


Custom APIs & GraphQL

We also support creating customized endpoints that may prove to be beneficial if the standard APIs don't have the data you're looking for or involve making multiple requests to obtain the desired datasets. The custom APIs would be tailored specifically for your organization.

We're also exploring solutions to allow developers to query for data via GraphQL endpoints. Reach out to [email protected] in case you're interested in custom APIs or GraphQL.

If you notice the docs are out of date or are unclear, please don't be shy about dropping a note to [email protected]! We're working to keep these docs up to date, however, sometimes we get behind – and we'd love your help.