Update a Config

This API allows the user to update a device configuration in your account

    "name": "TESTING",
    "description": null,
    "deviceConfigurations": [
            "ignitionOnFrequency": "15",
            "ignitionOffFrequency": 5,
            "deviceTypeId": 1,
            "deviceVendorId": 1,
            "buzzerEnabled": true,
            "highIgnitionOnFrequency": 900,
            "highIgnitionOffFrequency": 4
            "ignitionOnFrequency": 24,
            "ignitionOffFrequency": 60,
            "deviceTypeId": 6,
            "deviceVendorId": 3
    "id": "a13c527a-3da0-11ed-85d6-932419d798ee"

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
idUnique identifier representing the configurationString
nameName of the configurationString
descriptionDescription of the configurationString
trackingScheduleBoolean value representing whether the tracking schedule is enabled.

True = Enabled
False = Disabled
groupListArray of objects representing the meta data of the groupList
groupListStringComma-seperated strings representing the group names associated with the configurationString
hrsOfOperationArray of objects representing the work hoursObject
idUnique identifier representing the hrsOfOperationString
dayInteger value representing the day of the week to be tracked

0 = Sunday
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday
4 = Thursday
5 = Friday
6 = Saturday
startTimeStart time for the vehicle to be tracked. This is in hh:mm formatTimestamp
endTimeEnd time for the vehicle to be tracked. This is in hh:mm formatTimestamp
hooConfigTypeInteger value representing the configuration type if the hrsOfOperation. The valid inputs are 1 & 2.

1 = Hours of operation(work hours) for normal tracking interval
2 = Hours of operation(work hours) for high frequency tracking interval
deviceConfigurationsArray of objects representing the configurations for different device types - Devices & Asset TrackersSet
idUnique identifier representing the device configurationString
ignitionOnFrequencyTracking interval in minutes when the ignition is ONInteger
ignitionOffFrequencyTracking interval in hours when the ignition is OFFInteger
deviceTypeIdUnique identifier representing the device type.

1 = Device
6 = Asset tracker
deviceVendorIdUnique identifier representing the device vendorInteger
deletedDelete status of the configuration

True = Deleted
False = Not deleted
deletedAtDeleted time of the configuration in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
buzzerEnabledBoolean value representing the ON/OFF status of the buzzer

True = Buzzer is ON
False = Buzzer is OFF
highIgnitionOnFrequencyHigh frequency tracking interval in seconds when the ignition is ONInteger
highIgnitionOffFrequencyHigh frequency tracking interval in hours when the ignition is OFFInteger
statusChangedFor internal Azuga useboolean
ignitionChangedFor internal Azuga useboolean
errorError description - if anyList
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