View All SafetyCams

This API provides you with information about all the Dashcams present in your account. You are allowed to view only the Dashcams you have access to.



Sample Request

API Response Explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisTime in UTC milliseconds when the API request is madeLong
dataThe object consists of metadata of the Safetycam.Object
dashcamIdUnique identifier representing the SafetycamString
customerIdUnique identifier representing the customerLong
packageTypeType of package - For Internal useString
vendorIdUnique Identifier representing the vendor - For Internal useInteger
cameraTypeType of camera -
Road facing
Driver facing
cameraProductCodeProduct code of the camera - For Internal useString
serialNumberFor Internal useString
inwardSerialNumberFor Internal useString
simNumberFor Internal useString
recorderIdFor Internal useString
vehicleNameName of the vehicleString
vehicleIdUnique Identifier representing the vehicleString
lastContactDateFor Internal useDate
descriptionFor Internal useString
sfdcCaseFor Internal useString
packageIdFor Internal useint
vendorNameVendor name of the camera. For Internal useString
dateAddedTimestamp of the camera added to the account in millisecondsDate
fromCustomerFor Internal useLong
createdByFor Internal useString
serialNumSerial number of the cameraString
inwardSerialNumFor Internal useString
deviceDescFor Internal useString
sfdcFor Internal useString
toCustomerIdFor Internal useString
fromCustomerIdFor Internal useString
firmwareVersionFor Internal useString
configVersionFor Internal useString
staticPairingBoolean represents whether the camera is configured with Static pairing.Boolean
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