View the Preferences

This API allows the user to view the preferences set in your account

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
preferenceIdUnique identifier representing the preferenceInteger
nameName of the preferenceString
descriptionDescription of the preferenceString
valueTypeIdUnique identifier representing the value typeInteger
valueTypeConstraintValues that are acceptable for this preferenceString
categoryIdUnique identifier representing the catagoryInteger
parentIdFor internal Azuga useInteger
valueThe value of the preference based on preferenceId/preferenceNameString
levelThe level set for the preference.

0 - Global level(Across Azuga customers)
20 - Customer Level Preference
30 - User Level Preference
objectIdThis field populates data based on the level of the preference.

For level = 20, ObjectId = CustomerId
For level = 30, ObjectId = UserId
categoryNameFor internal Azuga useString
displayKeyFor internal Azuga useString
displayNameName of the preference displayed in AzugaString
hiddenBoolean representing whether the preference is hidden from Azuga

True = Hidden in Azuga web platform
False = Available in Azuga web platform
errorError description - If anyList
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