View All Reseller Customers

This API allows you to view the list of customer Ids and it's related information associated with your reseller profile.

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptioData Type
codeResponse code from the API serverInteger
messageResponse message from the API serverString
reasonReason for the failureString
generatedAtInMillisAPI request time in UTC millisecondsLong
dataListObject representing the meta data of the resellerObject
zipZip of the resellerString
addr2Address line 2 of the resellerString
addr1Address line 1 of the resellerString
cityCity of the resellerString
resellerNameName of the resellerString
companyNameCompany name of the resellerString
totalMiles30DaysFor Azuga internal useDouble
contactPersonContact person of the reseller accountString
emailIdEmail address of the reseller accountString
resellerEmailFor Azuga internal useString
totalMiles90DaysFor Azuga internal useDouble
averageScores30DaysFor Azuga internal useDouble
averageScores90DaysFor Azuga internal useDouble
totalEvents30DaysFor Azuga internal useInteger
deletedBoolean representing whether delete state of the reseller

True = Deleted
False = Not deleted
totalEvents90DaysFor Azuga internal useInteger
averageScores7DaysFor Azuga internal useDouble
totalMiles7DaysFor Azuga internal useDouble
customerIdUnique identifier representing the customerLong
contactNumberContact number of the customerString
totalEvents7DaysFor Azuga internal useInteger
stateState of the resellerString
activeDevicesNumber of active devices in the accountBigInteger
resellerProfileIdUnique identifier representing the resellerBigInteger
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