View Single Device

This API provides you with information about a single device present in your account. You are allowed to fetch only the device you have access to. You need to pass the unique identifier of the device to get the metadata of the device.


Sample Request

API Response Explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisTime in UTC milliseconds when the API request is madeTimestamp
dataThe object which consists of metadata of the device.Object
deviceIdUnique identifier representing the deviceString
customerIdUnique identifier representing the customerLong
productCodeProduct code of the deviceString
imei_meidIMEI number of the deviceString
serialNumSerial number of the deviceString
simNumberSerial number of the SIM present in the deviceString
firmwareVersionVersion of the firmware installed in the deviceString
configVersionConfiguration version of the deviceString
addedByFor internal useString
dateAddedTimestamp of the device added to the account in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
statusFor internal useInteger
lastContactDateTimestamp in UTC milliseconds when the device last communicated with the serverTimestamp
createdByFor Internal useString
createdAtFor Internal useTimestamp
lastModifiedByFor Internal useString
lastModifiedAtFor Internal useTimestamp
deletedBoolean representing the deleted status; True = Deleted, False = Not Deletedboolean
deletedAtDeleted time in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
vehicleIdFor Internal useString
vehicleNameName of the vehicleString
lastTimezoneFor Internal useString
tzUpdatedAtFor Internal useTimestamp
offsetFor Internal useInteger
lastVNTRecordTimeFor Internal useTimestamp
postedSpeedLimitEnabledBoolean value representing whether the posted speed limit is enabledBoolean
deviceTypeIdUnique identifier representing the type of the device

1 = Datalogger
6 = Asset Tracker
11 = SafetyCam
deviceVendorIdUnique identifier representing the vendor

1 - Danlaw(DataLogger by Danlaw) ; deviceTypeId: 1
2 - Calamp(Asset Tracker by Calamp) ; deviceTypeId: 2
2 - Calamp(DataLogger by Calamp) ; deviceTypeId: 1
3 - Queclink(Asset Tracker by Queclink) ; deviceTypeId: 6
9 - Azuga(License Tracker) ; deviceTypeId: 8
10 - SmartWitness ; deviceTypeId: 11
13 - BYOD ; deviceTypeId: 11
14 - Azuga SafetyCam ; deviceTypeId: 11
15 - Surfsight ; deviceTypeId: 11
vendorNameName of the vendorString
packageIdFor Internal useString
packageTypeFor Internal useString
cameraTypeFor Internal useString
cameraProductCodeFor Internal useString
inwardSerialNumFor Internal useString
recorderIdFor Internal useString
sfdcFor Internal useString
staticPairingFor Internal useBoolean
groupNameName of the group associated with the deviceString
groupIdUnique identifier representing the groupString
deletedReasonFor Internal useString
createdAtStringFor Internal useString
lastContactStringFor Internal useString
dateAddedStringFor Internal useString
deviceNameName of the device type ; Datalogger, Asset Tracker etcString
productCodeIdUnique Identifier representing the Product CodeInteger
carrierIdUnique identifier of the network providerInteger
phoneNumberPhone number of the SIM present in the deviceLong
deviceDescFor Internal useString
productCodeNameName of the product - For Internal useString
carrierNameCarrier name of the simString
trackeeIdUnique identifier representing the vehicleString
vehicleProtocolIdFor Internal useInteger
protocolVersionIdFor Internal use. Indicates if the vehicle uses OBD or JBUS protocol for communicationInteger
imsiFor Internal useString
devImageFor Internal useString
tcpDataEnabledFor Internal useboolean
vehicleProtocolNameFor Internal use. Name of the communication protocol used by the vehicleString
moveDeviceFor Internal useboolean
errorError description - if anyList
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