Create a Request Video

This API allows you to create a new Request video. You are allowed to provide only a unique name for the field - requestedVideoName. Recommended to use a alpha-numerics for a unique name. You are not allowed to request for a video time range greater than 60 minutes.


Sample Request

    "vehicleId": "f4a27d2b-9c8b-11ed-a1e3-f5bee2917cd8",
    "startTime": "2023-06-01 12:00:00 AM",
    "endTime": "2023-06-01 12:05:00 AM",
    "requestedVideoName": "TEST1",
    "deviceVendorId": 14

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisAPI response time in UTC millisecondsLong
dataObject representing the meta data of the request videoObject
requestedVideoNameName of the existing request videoString
vehicleIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle for which the camera is associated with.String
startTimeStart time added for the requested videoString
endTimeEnd time added for the requested videoString
driverIdUnique identifier of the driver who was associated with the vehicle between the requested timeframe.String
remarksResponse from the API endpointString
errorError description - if anyList
pathError pathString
messageDescription of the errorString
codeError codes:

requestedVideo time range code =AZSC001
invalid request video request name code =AZSC002
requestedVideo invalid time code =AZSC003
requestedVideo not found code =AZSC004
device is not correct code =AZSC005
requestedVideo disconnected camera code =AZSC006
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