View Reminders By Count

This API allows the user to view the number of reminders(Overdue, Upcoming in 30 days, Later) configured in your account.

API Response explanation

FieldDescriptionData Type
generatedAtInMillisTime in UTC milliseconds when the API request is madeLong
dataThe object which consists of metadata of the device.Object
groupByFilterDTOsObject consists of details of the grouped data of the service reminders configured in the accountList
countNumber of service reminders which are Overdue/UpcomingInteger
keyNameThis field determines the grouped data - Overdue/UpcomingString
displayNameDisplay name of the grouped dataString
maintenanceVOsObject representing the details of the service reminders configured in the accountList
vehicleNameName of the vehicleString
serviceTypeType of service of the vehicleString
vehicleIdUnique identifier representing the vehicleString
rulesetIdFor internal Azuga useString
alertIdUnique identifier representing the alertString
odoChoiceBoolean represents whether the odometer value is taken from vehicle.

True = Odo taken from vehicle
False = Odo calculated manually
vehicleSupportedOdoOdometer value from vehicle in KmsDouble
odoSupportedMileageOdodmeter value using manual calculation in KmsDouble
serviceDateDate of service in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
serviceDaysNumber of days the vehicle to be serviced from the last service dateInteger
reminderDaysReminder alert to be triggered before the scheduled service dateInteger
nextServiceDateNext service date in UTC millisecondsTimestamp
initialMileageInitial mileage set for the vehicle in AzugaDouble
currentMileageCurrent mileage of the vehicle in AzugaDouble
serviceMileageService mileage of the vehicleDouble
reminderMilesFor Azuga internal useDouble
nextServiceMileageNext service mileageDouble
intialEngineHrsInitial engine hours of the vehicle in secondsLong
currentEngineHrsCurrent engine hours of the vehicle in secondsLong
serviceHrsService hour of the vehicleInteger
reminderEngineHrsReminder alert to be triggered before the scheduled hoursInteger
nextEngineHrsNext engine hour of the vehicleLong
mileageOverdueBoolean representing whether the mileage of the vehicle is exceeded with the configured service mileageboolean
daysOverdueBoolean representing whether the last service of the vehicle is exceeded with the configured service daysboolean
hoursOverdueBoolean representing whether the hours of the vehicle is exceeded with the configured service hoursboolean
remainingOrUpcomingHoursFor Azuga internal useInteger
remainingOrUpcomingDaysFor Azuga internal useInteger
remainingOrUpcomingMileageFor Azuga internal useDouble
overdueBoolean representing whether the reminder is catagorized to 'Overdue'boolean
remainingOrUpcomingRemaining days to the next service date configuredString
serviceDetailedIdFor Azuga internal useString
filterTypeType of filter - days, mileage, hoursString
rc0EnableBoolean representing whether Mileage(Miles) is enabled for the vehicle reminderboolean
rc1EnableBoolean representing whether Time Interval is enabled for the vehicle reminderboolean
rc2EnableBoolean representing whether Engine Run Time(Hrs) is enabled for the vehicle reminderboolean
trackeeTypeIdUnique identifier representing the type of the vehicle. The following values are valid:

1 - Vehicle
3 - Asset
5 - OEM
alertNameName of the reminder alertString
currentMileageAssetCurrent odometer reading of the assetDouble
currentEngineHrsAssetCurrent engine hours of the assetLong
remainingValueRemaining/Overdue days to/from the next service date configured. Negative indicates that the service date is overdue.String
overdueDisplayNameBuckets to which the service vehicle is falls under - Overdue, Upcoming in the next 30 Days, LaterString
groupNameName of the group the vehicle is associated withString
mutedBoolean indicates that the reminder alert is muted

True = Muted
False = Not muted
upcomingFilteredBoolean value indicating whether the next service date is in less than 30 days or not

True = Service date is less than 30 days or overdue
False = Service date is more than 30 days
errorError description - if anyList
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