Live Status

Use this API to get the real time status of all your vehicles. This data refreshes frequently and the API returns the most recent data.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message (Success/Failure)
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
reasonThe reason for failure
currentPageThe current page
totalPagesThe total number of pages in the result
locationsAn array of location objects
vehicleNameName of the vehicle
dateTimestamp in UTC when the last activity occured
eventLast activity of the vehicle
speedSpeed of the vehicle
vehicleIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle
stopTimeTime between the last ignition OFF and the current system time
idleTimeTime period during which the vehicle was in the idle state
groupIdUnique identifier of the group associated with the vehicle
groupNameName of the group associated with the vehicle
phoneNumberPhone number of the driver
reserved1Reserved variable for future use
reserved2Reserved variable for future use
reserved3Reserved variable for future use
reserved4Reserved variable for future use
latitudeLatitude coordinate of the location
longitutdeLongitude coordinate of the location
locationAddress of the location
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