Use this API to generate an access token for using the Azuga FleetMobile application.


Sample Request[email protected]&password=p@ssw0rd1#

API Response explanation

codeStatus Code
messageError message (if any)
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in formatted UTC string
generatedAtInMillisAPI generation timestamp in milliseconds
userNameUsername of the account
firstNameFirst name of the user
lastNameLast name of the user
emailEmail address of the user
pairedFlag to indicate if the user has an associated vehicle
profilepicUrlLink to the user's profile picture
deviceSerialNumberThe serial number of the Azuga device which is plugged into the associated vehicle or not
vehicleIdUnique identifier of the associated vehicle
nameName of the associated vehicle
makeMake of the associated vehicle
modelModel of the associated vehicle
yearModel of the associated vehicle
vinVIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the associated vehicle
licensePlateNumLicense plate number of the associated vehicle
tokenAccess token for authorization



This API provides information only for a driver and does not provide aggregated information for a group of vehicles. Admins should not use these APIs, but should look at other sections of the documentation.

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