Nearest Vehicles

Use this API to get vehicles closest to a specified location. Vehicles will be searched within a defined radius and time. The response also includes the pairing details of the vehicle, driver name, and driving distance to the vehicle from the location.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

trackeeIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle
trackeeNameName of the vehicle
latLatitude coordinate of the location of the vehicle
longLongitude coordinate of the location of the vehicle
addressAddress where the vehicle is located
eventNameLast activity reported by the vehicle
googleDrivingDistanceDriving distance from the location to the vehicle's location as per Google
googleDriveTimeDriving time to reach the vehicle from the location as per Google
dateAndTimeTimestamp (in milliseconds) when the vehicle last communicated with the server
offsetTimezone offset in milliseconds
userIdUnique identifier representing the driver associated with the vehicle
firstNameFirst name of the driver
lastNameLast name of the driver
deviceIdUnique identifier of the device plugged into the vehicle
groupIdUnique identifier representing the vehicle's group
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