Use this API to get vehicles closest to your current location. Vehicles will be searched within a defined radius. The response also includes the pairing details of the vehicle, driver name, and distance of the vehicle from your location.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message
reasonThe reason for failure
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
generatedAtInMillisAPI generation timestamp in milliseconds
fleetAn array of fleet objects
vehicleIdUnique identifier of the vehicle
vehicleName of the vehicle
deviceIdUnique identifier of the device
pairedBoolean to indicate if the vehicle is paired or not
latitudeLatitude coordinate of the location of the vehicle
longitudeLongitude coordinate of the location of the vehicle
pairedDriverFirstNameFirst name of the driver who is paired with the vehicle
pairedDriverLastNameLast name of the driver who is paired with the vehicle
pairingStartTimeTime when the driver and vehicle got paired
addressAddress of the location of vehicle
deviceSerialNumberSerial number of the Azuga device which is plugged into the vehicle
distanceDistance of the vehicle from the user in feet
vehicleTypeType of vehicle
licensePlateNumLicense plate number of the vehicle



This API provides information only for a driver and does not provide aggregated information for a group of vehicles. Admins should not use these APIs, but should look at other sections of the documentation.

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