This API provides you with information of rewards that have been awarded to drivers. Rewards are gift cards given to drivers based on their driving behaviour. The API response includes status of the rewards, reward amount, driver names etc.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message
reasonReason for failure
generatedAtInMillisAPI generation timestamp in milliseconds
rewardsHistoryAn array of rewardsHistory objects
driverNameName of the driver
rewardIdUnique identifier of the reward
rewardAmountAmount that has been rewarded to the driver
rewardSubjectSubject of the Reward
rewardMessageMessage from the supervisor in the reward
brandBrand at which the reward was redeemed
statusStatus of the reward
sentAtTimestamp at which the reward was sent (in milliseconds)
senderSender of the reward
vehicleNameName of the vehicle
redeemedAtTimestamp at which the reward was redeemed (in milliseconds)
redemptionCodeCode for redeeming the reward
challengeKeyPIN used for obtaining the redemption code
brandIdUnique identifier of the brand



This API provides information only for a driver and does not provide aggregated information for a group of vehicles. Admins should not use these APIs, but should look at other sections of the documentation.

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