Use this API to fetch scores of all drivers present in your account. Scores are points given to the drivers based on their driving behavior. The overall score is based on the scores of hard braking, hard acceleration, speeding and idling. This API also helps you determine the rank of each driver.


Sample Request

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message
reasonReason for failure
generatedAtInMillisAPI generation timestamp in milliseconds
milesDrivenCumulative miles driven by the drivers
userCountNumber of drivers whose scores are fetched
scoresAn array of scores objects
rankRank of the driver
userIdUnique identifier representing the user
firstNameFirst name of the driver
lastNameLast name of the driver
averageDaysTime period for comparing average driver score i.e weekly, monthly or quaterly
fleetScoreOverall score of the driver
usernameUsername of the driver
profilePictureURL of the profile picture of the driver
speedScoreScore for speeding
brakeScoreScore for braking
hardAccelarationScoreScore for hard acceleration
idleScoreScore for idling



This API provides information only for a driver and does not provide aggregated information for a group of vehicles. Admins should not use these APIs, but should look at other sections of the documentation.

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