This API allows you to fetch shift details of all the drivers present in your account. Multiple shift details can be obtained through this API.


Sample Request


API Response Explanation

eventTimeTime stamp of the event in milliseconds
addressAddress of the shift location
cityCity of the shift location
countryCountry of the shift location
formattedAddressConcatenated string containing the complete address
stateState of the shift location
zipPostal code of the shift location
localityLocality or the surrounding area of the shift location
latitudeLatitude coordinates of the shift location
longitudeLongitude coordinates of the shift location
accuracyPrecision of the location point
altitudeElevation of the shift location
bearingUsed for navigation and direction
speedSpeed of the vehicle which is tracked
timeAddress generation timestamp in milliseconds
mapProviderIdUnique identifier of the map provider (Google map, Bing map etc,.)
idUnique shift identifier
eventTypeType of event. There are 4 types of events: 1 - Shift start, 2 - Break start, 3 - Break End, 4 - Shift End
commentsAdditional information about the shift activity
errorError message
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