This API provides you with information about all active landmarks present in your account.


Sample Request Group A &type=Supplier

API Response explanation

codeAPI Status Code
messageAPI Message (Success/Failure)
generatedAtAPI generation timestamp in UTC
reasonReason for failure
currentPageCurrent page
totalPagesTotal number of pages in the result
landmarkIdUnique identifier representing the landmark
nameName of the landmark
addressAddress of the landmark
latitudeLatitude coordinate of the landmark
longitudeLongitude coordinate of the landmark
radiusUnitUnit of radius (metres, kilometres or miles) of the landmark
iconIcon of the landmark
typeType of the landmark
groupNameName of the group associated with the landmark
radiusRadius of the landmark
colorColor of the landmark
createdAtLandmark creation timestamp in UTC
modifiedAtTimestamp in UTC when the landmark was updated
firstNameFirst name of the contact person
lastNameLast name of the contact person
phoneNumberPhone number of the contact person
emailEmail address of the contact person
reserved(1-4)Reserved variable for future use
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